Government Shutdown Government Wins… America’s Middle Class Losses

What was the recent Government shutdown about? Power And Money. It was not about you or your financial well being.



The average American, fueled by a lack of leadership and a government compliant news media, were once again recklessly played as pawns in the latest political struggle. Inflicting pain on the average American has become a sport for the elite in Government. "We The People” of our fathers dreams has been replaced with "We The Government.” There needs to be a deeper understanding that your life, your financial life, is systematically being confiscated without any evidence of a crime. The perpetrators who are making your life difficult are also the ones controlling the rules and putting you at risk and then have the nerve to go about advising you how to live your life. The Government shutdown was about SPENDING, nothing else. No budget, no cuts, no plan to pay down the debt.


-Leonard Renier

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