I bet no one saw this coming. A report from CBS, healthcare.gov Pricing can be off the mark. Really, what a surprise. Of course this comes from the Government that estimated the healthcare website would cost $83 million dollars and its cost is actually heading toward $400 million and in may cases the information is incorrect and/or the site does not work.


If this was not serious it would actually be funny. It is now leaving the funny arena to the insane section when you take a look at how this was sold by the Government to the public. 


The healthcare plan was originally estimated at a cost of about $900 billion. Three years later the estimated cost is now approaching $3 trillion, ooops. Remember, government leaders said the average American would save $2,500 on their healthcare costs. Oh, those were the good old days. How can anyone defend incompetence at this level? The average American household is undisciplined, unready and in many cases, unaware that they are in the financial battle for their future.


-Leonard Renier

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