The Business Of Learning

Many professionals in the financial services business have the luxury of not knowing what they should know. You see, they cannot be aware of something they are not aware of. Some professionals in this industry have it all wrong. 



It is about the people, not the company’s product of the month or their ranking in a sales contest. Many times the public can become confused between what is good sound advice, and someone’s desire to be recognized by a company for their sales activity. 


From a distance, you can see the dilemma that the public must deal with. In every aspect of their lives, from the media, left and right wing politics and even some religions, people are being told what to think not how and why to think. This has a paralyzing effect on the average person’s ability to make necessary life decisions. Information and a decision-making thought process are required to make such decisions. Knowledge does not become wisdom simply because it is repeated over and over again until it is accepted as "the only truth.” Knowledge can be memorized, but wisdom is the art of applying knowledge to one’s life. Without a process or a guide in your decision making, recognizing the difference between opportunity and a company’s sales goals will be difficult.


-Leonard Renier

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