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News Headlines

COBURN 'Wastebook' Unearths Government Excess

When Americans go to the polls we won’t just be making a decision about what kind of government we want. We will be making a decision about what kind of government we will tolerate. In recent elections politicians from both sides of the aisle promised to go through the budget line by line and make hard choices. That hasn’t happened. The only change Washington has been interested in is in your pocket.   This week I released my annual "Wastebook” report, featuring 100 examples of mismanagement, ...

Morning Bell: Obama’s New Regulations Cost Billions

If you fly across the country, it’s easy to see signs of America’s ingenuity and productivity — skyscrapers in New York City, steel mills in Pennsylvania, factories in Chicago, farmland in the Great Plains, and the glittering technology of Silicon Valley. But what you can’t see, though it’s very real, is the invisible web of red tape crawling forth from Washington, crisscrossing the landscape, strangling job creators, tying down entrepreneurs, and tangling America’s engine of innovation in a ...

Coveting the Golden Goose

Are tax hikes on the way? Some federal lawmakers hope so. "It’s a great opportunity to get us some more revenue,” Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, recently said of the upcoming debate over the federal budget. You know what that means: calls to raise taxes on the rich. Lawmakers can’t seem to refrain from eyeing the golden goose. It seems fair to most Americans that those who earn more should pay more taxes. But how much more?
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